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About us

About ADT-Link

Founded in 2018, ADT-Link stands for “High-Speed I/O Flat Cable”. We provides high-speed and cost-effective Cable solutions. Link the PCI Express, SFF-8643, SFF-8639, U.2, M.2 NGFF, NVMe, ThunderboltTM 3, mini-PCI-E, UHS-II SD, Micro SD, SD Express, Nano SIM, USB Type-C, HDMI, Displayport and any PCI express extension. ADT-Link aims to become a first-tier I/O solution supplier in Shanghai. “Professional I/O Extension Cable Provider” is ADTLINK’s slogan.


In order to provide fast-speed customer service quality to its customers, ADT provides various contact resources. ADT manufactures high-performance storage access solutions for transferring and managing data and digital content. ADT's storage solutions are designed to work with networks, servers, workstations, or desktops to produce high-performance results. Contact us for product information and order inquiries. If interested in becoming ADT's distributors, please contact the Sales Department.

Quality Control

Each product is scrutinized with extensive quality control checks, from design analysis for manufacturing ability to design rule checks and comprehensive testing. Testing takes place during each stage of the design and manufacturing process.

Testing procedures overload products to much higher levels than they are likely to face in real-world applications.  All products are 100% functionally tested, including a burn-in test and a manufacturing test, such as the control of open, short, the weld quality, and a surface cleanliness test.


To ensure our customers’ satisfaction, our product support services can be accessed by two options:

  1. Live professional and responsive technical support team

    • Full technical support before, during and after the sale

  2. Website support and downloads

    • Product FAQs

    • Device compatibility lists for PC cards

    • Product related document downloads (e.g. installation guide)

    • Latest drivers and BIOS


ADT’s customers can use the following methods to contact the technical support team:

  1. Through email (e-mail: adt-sales@adt.link)

  2. RMA (Return Material Authorization) RMA procedure insures proper tracking of all returned equipment. By reviewing RMA, ADT's engineers could enhance and improve the design and manufacturing cycle to offer the top products to its customers. 




Contact: adt-sales@adt.link

Phone: +86-13917664762

Tel: 021-65312041

Email: adt-sales@adt.link

Add: Shanghai, China